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Saturday, 11 March 2017

Quiltcon-Savannah and AGF headquarters visit

I had such amazing time traveling to US...this time I had the pleasure of visiting my AGF family in Miami (Florida) and with them going to the Quiltcon East, held in Savannah (GA).

AGF headquarters visit was a blast!!!! It's such a wonderful, huge and creative place with amazing people working there, I couldn't be happier being part of that wonderful and supportive family!!! We traveled together to Quiltcon expo and here are a few pics of the Quiltcon exhibition packed with incredible quilts and also some pics of the beautiful city of Savannah.

And here are some pics from Miami, including the wonderful opportunity to see the Julio Le Parc's exhibition at the Perez Museum in Miami.

That's a wrap!!Huge thanks to my wonderful friend, Lauv for showing me all way around Miami...from downtown Miami, South beach, Lincoln road, Ocean drive and Bayside till the Perez Museum visit and Designer district  and Wynwoods visit- I absolutely had a wonderful time!!!!

Monday, 16 January 2017

Blithe fabrics blog tour

I am so excited to kick off this New Year with the fresh new blog tour featuring my newest fabric range for Art Gallery fabrics, Blithe fabrics.

You can read more about my inspiration for this collection here and go through the amazing look book that AGF made, with lots of inspirational projects.

 Or you can follow me on Instagram daily to discover some brilliant creations and ideas that 40+ makers have created using Blithe fabrics. This is my biggest Blog tour ever and I hope that you will enjoy!

Here is the participants list with linked Instagram pages ( the blog posts will be linked after publishing, too):

1. Erica Toole - January 18: @ skynme2

2. Mariana Diaz - January 19: @ sewMariana

3. Ashley Herrmann - January 20: @ petitestitchery
Blog: Ashley's looks (girls clothes)

4. Isabelle Selak - January 21: @ southbaybella
Blog: Quiltography app for quilt design

5. Stacey Derksen - January 22: @ sweet_finnagin_boutique

6. Eleri Kerian - January 23: @ sewandtellproject
Blog: Blithe tote tutorial

7. Hemamalini Elumalai - January 24: @ helumalai
Blog: My little stars quilt

8. Paola Baker - January 25: @ loveoffabrics

9. Sue Stone - January 26: @ needleinafabricstash
Blog:West water tunic in linen print

10. Cassie and Alexis - January 27: @ lilyshinecreates and myysweetsunshine
Blog: Blithe blog tour: girl clothes

11. Carolina Moore - January 28: @ craftmoore

12. Lesley Storts - January 29: @ lesleystorts

13. Ali Brorsen - January 30: @ becauseofbrenna
Blog: Blithe blog tour: clothes

14. Kimberly Baird - January 31: @ monkeykimberly

15. Rebecca Makas - February 1: @ restitcherator
Blog: Blithe fabrics: quilt
16. Natalie Santini - February 2: @ sewhungryhippie
Blog: The yoga bag
17. Anna Durocher - February 3: @ bizzy_bean_clothing
Blog: Blithe blog tour: clothes
18. Sharon Mcconnell - February 4: @ colorgirlquilts
Blog: Dutch Windmill quilt
19. Laura Scaramella - February 5: @ petitestitchery
Blog: Blithe love: girl clothes
20. Audrey - February 6: @ skirtfixation
Blog: Canvas lonetree west and runway knit skirt
21. Terra - February 7: @ mamasayssewblog
Blog: Blithe fabrics: girl dress

22. Nichole Vogelsinger - February 8: @ wildboho
Blog: Blithe hoops

23. Mara Capron - February 9: @ mara.creates
Blog: Owl applique quilt

24. Anne Boundy - February 10: @ anneboundy
Blog: Bows wall hanger and hills table topper

25. Heather Hatch - February 11: @ tanglewood_lane_dolls

26. Michael Caputo - February 12: @ patchworkandpaper
Blog: Blithe quilt

27. Julia Liebl-Fern - February 13: @ finefabric
Blog: Blithe quilt and bag
28. Nicole Young - February 14: @ lillyellasworld
Blog: Blithe cather pillow

29. Karly Nelson - February 15: @ paisleyroots
Blog: Blithe dress and cardigan

30. Ines Hilsberg - February 16: @ naehzimmerplaudereien
Blog: Blithe voile blouse

31. Geraldine Wilkins - February 17: @ livingwaterquilter
Blog: Winter Crystals quilt

32. Deanne Chambers - February 18: @ borealfabrics
Blog: Blithe dresses
33. Mathew Boudreaux - February 19: @ misterdomestic
Blog: Hexagonal sewing box
34. Judith Posdziech - February 20: @ septembers_delight
Blog: Clamshell quilt

35. Elise Baek - February 21: @ eliseandemelie
Blog: Woodland quilt

36. Marija Vujčić - February 22: @ mvquilts
Blog: Winter's dream and Winter sunrise quilts

37. Elina Temmes - February 23: @ elinatemmes

38. Maja Wlusek - February 24: @ betyipiernaty
Blog: Maker's tote and mini quilt

39. Jennifer DauFerermany - February 25: @ yokokudo88

40. Jacky Ayres - February 26: @ jackyayresdesigns

41. Yuliya Reshetnikova - February 27: @ yureshetnikova
Blog: Solitude quilt

42. Christine Bacquer Joubert - February 28: @ lopolokko

43. Katrin Umlauft - March 1: @ puppilalla
Blog: Static interference

Thank you so much for joining us and huge THANKS to all the wonderful makers for participation :)!!!!

Monday, 12 December 2016

Dear deer quilt

My newest collection, Blithe fabrics has the Lookbook out, featuring many wonderful and inspiring projects!!!

You can also enjoy this video featuring Blithe fabrics;)

I made a few projects that will be featured there, but the biggest project I made is the Dear Der quilt!!!
It was inspired (the name at least) with one of my fav prints from the collection- Dear Deer ;)

When I started thinking about what kind of a quilt I would love to make with this neutral gender kind of a fabric collection, I realized that it's a perfect fabric option for my 12 years old boy and his newly decorated room. Something bold, modern and fun, boyish too....and that's how I came to the idea of making the big dear head, just like in one of my Deer Houndstooth prints;)
This collection has a great balance of light-low value fabrics and those darker and it was great for this kind of project!!! Here are some finished pictures of the quilt that measures 80.5" x 55.5"-which is a perfect size for kid's bed ;).

In case you are asking for a pattern , I made it available in my etsy shop
And, there is also a 30% off if using the code: HAPPYHOLIDAYS till the end of this year!!!

There is also the free quilt pattern that I designed for this collection called Windowscape (that I am planning to make for our big bed), in case you are looking for something bigger and maybe a bit more traditional ;)

Enjoy and happy Holidays!

Sunday, 4 December 2016

Christmas stocking tutorial / pattern

Christmas stockings in different fabrics and even sizes can be fantastic as part of Christmas décor, are great for gift giving and are very easy to make. You can play with different fabric placements, using even some quilt leftovers, making unique and fun pieces. You can adorn and customize them by adding buttons, ribbons, trims, beads, doing maybe some hand or machine embroidery details.

The featured fabrics are from my Blithe fabric collection for Art Gallery Fabrics.

To download the stocking template and pattern, please go HERE

Finished size of the stocking is: 19" tall and 12" wide.

You will have to tape 4 pages to obtain the stocking pattern in real size that, after taping, will look like this:

I had so much fun making this striped patchwork piece in Blithe fabrics! You will need 13 strips of fabrics cut in 2 x 28" size to have enough for cutting 2 shapes, that will be front and back piece of the stocking. Or you can just use plain fabrics, to obtain simpler look.

For 1 stocking

Paper template (provided)
Main fabric - two 21 x 14” pieces (or 2 fat quarters) or ½ yd of fabric if using one same print and horizontal layout (if the print is directional, you will need 5/8 yard to use the right direction of the print)
If you are making the strip pieced patchwork (like pictured), you will need 13 (thirteen) 2” x 28”strips of different fabrics
Cuff - 18” x 6” fabric strip on fold
Lining - two 21 x 14” pieces (or 2 fat quarters) or ½ yd of fabric if using one same print
Trim or ribbon for hanging (you can even make your own with fabric leftover), 7”
Medium weight, one-sided fusible interfacing or batting* (optional) in same size as other pieces
Cutting mat
Needle and thread
Sewing machine
Fabric pencil or marker


1. Using the provided stocking template , cut four same fabric pieces (two for front-back and two for lining).

*Optionally, using the same provided template, cut two interfacing-stabilizer or batting pieces and iron or sew them to main fabrics: front and back pieces.

2. Pin and sew front to back pieces, right sides together on marked line (stop sewing approx. 5” from the end). Be sure to notch ( make small V shapes) the curves in order to obtain nice shape and prevent scrunching.

3. Pin and sew the lining pieces together (stop sewing approx. 10” from the end). Be sure to notch ( make small V shapes) the curves in order to obtain nice shape and prevent scrunching.

4. Make the cuff: take the 18 x 6” strip, fold it on the longer edge, right side inside and sew the shorter edges. Turn the cuff to the right side and press it nicely.
 *Optionally, you can embroider this cuff for a nice, customized look.

5. Pin and sew the cuff to the main fabric pieces, on the upper stocking edge, making sure to offset it from both vertical edges.

 6. Make a loop with the trim or ribbon and sew it to the unsewn corner of the stocking.

7. Place main fabric pieces on the top of the lining fabric pieces (or vice versa), right sides inside, pin and sew them together on the upper, straight edge.

8. Right sides inside, pin and sew the remaining edge close, starting from the main pieces, leaving the 3” gap open on the lining part of the stocking, that will allow turning the stocking inside out.

9. Turn the stocking inside out and sew the gap closed. Put the lining part inside and press nicely.

10. Optionally, top stitch the upper right edge of the stocking, all over, to secure that the lining stays evenly inside.

Happy sewing and happy Holidays!!!